4 days of MK closing at 6pm - Sept 6-9

On Disney’s website they have MK closing at 6pm from Thursday Sept 6 until Sunday September 9. I assume Thursday and Sunday are party days. It could be that Friday and Saturday are Night of Joy. I find it incredible, but not really surprised, that Disney would do this.

Of course it might change but which day (or two) would you attend MK? Friday has EMH.

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I would like to know this as well. But what site did you go to? The furthest I can go on the WDW site is to Sept 3 2018

you can see 10 days in advance by doing this on the Disney webpage:
Hover over "My Disney Experience"
Click "My Itinerary"
Click “Add Plans” --> Click "Add Parks & Places"
Change the date at the top

Kenny the Pirate also has the complete September hours, under Crowd Calendars.

Didn’t realize this trick - nice one!

Wow! I had no idea about this. Thanks!

To answer your question, we’ll be there at the same time and have penciled in MK visits on the Thursday and Sunday (as well as two other days - we’ll have 11 park days in total). With the early closing I’m expecting lower crowd levels on those days. We are staying onsite but will still avoid EMH since my DH is not a morning person, so getting him out of bed in the mornings can be a bit of a challenge… :sleeping: