4 day ticket during conference for work

I haven’t been to Universal in many, many years, and I’m excited to go while I’m at a conference for work in February. I got a 4 day 2-park pass, and will be able to go a day before and after the conference, in addition to two afternoon/evenings. Crowd levels are very low (my all-day dates are Feb 2 (CL 4) and 8 (CL 2), part days are 5th and 7th (both CL 2)). My main interest in WWHP.

Looking for suggestions on how to approach touring. I won’t have early entry for Feb 2 (conference center hotel), but I will on the 8th.


Does that mean you will also have express pass for some of the days?

No. I’m staying at CB.

Does Universal have single rider? It will be just me most of the time.

Yes! There is a single rider line at some (many?) attractions. Do you have the Touring Plans app?

There are single rider lines at loads of rides - Forbidden Journey, Kong, Transformers, Spider-Man (though that one can be very busy and get closed off) Hulk, Men in Black - off the top of my head. We had Express Pass so I’m sure there are others I can’t think of.

I looked at the Touring Plans Universal app and the attractions with single rider are noted. I think that would be very helpful.

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Thanks, I must have missed that! I’ll look again.