4 Day Park Hopper with Littles

My husband and I will be traveling in late August and have a 4 day park hopper pass. Our boys will be 4 and 18 months at the time of travel. Trying to figure out how much time to spend in each park. We want to focus on them but want to do adult rides too. I am thinking 2 days in MK, 1 day in AK, and 1/2 day in Epcot and 1/2 day in HS.

Also, can anyone confirm that I can combine fastpass with child swap? Example: I want to book my husband fast passes for the mountains and myself and my 4 year old other rides. With the rider swap can I also ride the rides I booked via my husbands fast pass? Would prefer to hear from someone who has actually done this recently. Thank you!

Will your AK day be a shorter day or will you PH to another park?

In order to combine FP and child swap, everyone must have FP. Child swap is done at loading, well past the FP checks.

Not always true about the child swap @stuck. At SM, DH did not need to scan a FPP, we told the FIRSt CM that we were doing child swap, she gave us the swap ticket I rode with two kids (using FPP) and when he rode later, he never needed to scan his band, just showed the child swap ticket to each CM until they finally collected it at loading. I think it worked this way at other rides, too, but I had booked FPP for all of us, not knowing we could do it any other way. SM was the first time we tried it. But we usually always got the child swap pass from the first CM. I suppose it may depend on the CM, but they seemed pretty lenient while we were there.

Historically you could basically get double the number of fast passes by strategically using just one FPP for ONE adult then getting the rider swap, but reports lately are that CM’s have become more strict about making sure everyone has FPP if you’re using the FPP line. If using the standby line, nobody needs FPP obviously, but 2nd parent will use the Rider Swap to go through the FPP line. May make sense to book FPP for you and husband for adult rides at the 60 day mark, but swap as you get closer based on updated reports.

(Honest opinion: with 2 littles, there probably won’t be many rides that you do Rider Swap for as adults. Maybe a couple with the 4yo, like 7DMT. But you’ll have an amazing time!)