4 day park hopper? Or 1+3 day?

I am attending a Disney wedding in November, we get in pretty early on the 12 and our flight leaves in the evening on the 16th.
Now I originally planned on getting a 4 day park hopper, thinking I can go to the parks the day we get there and the day we are leaving, I’m not planning on visiting a theme park the day of the actual wedding.
My question is, do I have to use the park hopper 4 days in a row, or can I skip a day in the middle like I plan on doing? Or do I need to get a one day ticket and a 3 day park hopper instead. Does that make sense? Is this a dumb question?

Not a dumb question! You can skip a day in the middle. As long as your park days are all within the expiration date of the ticket (it expires 14 days after the first use) you will be fine :grinning:


Disney usually lets you extend your ticket at the lower price as long as you do it before you use up the number of days on your current ticket and you do it at the parks before you leave on the last day. So if you get a 3 day ticket you can extend it to 4 or more days at the 4 day price, etc… But I am not sure if there is a big difference between a 3 day ticket and a four day ticket now. Whatever you choose, be sure to check each park’s hours, what attractions are closed for refurbishment and which nighttime entertainment is going on. Also fireworks, parades and such do not necessarily go on 7 days a week.