4-Day 5th Day Free upgrade to AP

We know we want to upgrade to APs when we get to WDW but need to be able to book 5 days of FPs. If we buy a “4-day Get 5th day free” Hopper from OTC, it seems we should have 5 days of FPs available to us.

Is there any kind of gotcha on this type of ticket? Or is really just a 5-day hopper? And if we find the right CM, they might give us credit for the price of a 5-day hopper when we do our upgrade?

Thanks so much for any input!

You will be able to get 5 days of fast passes. Make sure you use your ticket once before you upgrade to an AP. Also, know how much the full Disney ticket would be and how much you you would pay to upgrade.

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Thanks so much! That’s pretty much what we were thinking but ya never know. So Disney will view it as a 5-day ticket for upgrade purposes as well? I’ll use the 5-day price when doing our calculations.


What if I have a 9-day Magic Your Way ticket (containing 9 days of FP+ reservations) and want to upgrade to an Annual Pass, which, since I will not be a resort guest, will only allow me to make seven days worth of advance FP+ reservations? Is there any way to get the two extra days of FP+ from my Magic Your Way ticket transferred to my Annual Pass (such as using the Magic Your Way 's FP+ reservations for the first two days in the parks before upgrading to the Annual Pass)? Or have Guest Services personnel been known to add the extra FP+ days onto one’s upgraded Annual Pass as a courtesy (particularly if one is traveling with family members who will still be using their 9-day Magic Your Way tickets)?