4-7 fpp suggestions for mnsshp

What fpp do you guys suggest grabbing tonight? Last years mnsshp we didn't hAve too much of a wait for attractions... But know this year i need to grab a 7dmt! Thinking a pp and maybe talking Mickey close to 4 as I can??

Sorry if this has been talked about before, I'm awful at navigating this new forum smile thanks!

Do you have kids and would they want to ride Big Thunder or Space?

Ds4... Going to try btmrr this trip, no splash no space smile we haven't seen talking Mickey and I can only assume he won't be talking with Minnie during the party??? We do lots of rides during party so was hoping to jump on btmrr after parade?

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I'd be systematic about it. I'd do a personalized TP and either have the software pick 3 or go w the first three w waits longer than 20 min or so. Keep in mind all three have to be before 7pm. First might be 3:30 so I can walk right onto the first at 4:15 or so (assuming 4pm arrival) and walk onto the 2nd (assuming the second is at 4:30).

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