4 5 Day Park Hopper Tix for sale!

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So you haven’t heard the last of me about my bailed Walt Disney Trip. I’m back to offer my 5 day Park Hoppers. They expire 1/14/2019. 3 adult and 1 child ticket (9 and under) I paid $1500, but willing to accept offers. Let me know if you or your friends are interested!

I bought them from UnderCover Tourist. I linked them to MDE. UT says no refund bc I linked them, and Disney says they will expire 1/14/19. I can’t keep calling back bc I keep getting that answer despite what liners tell me their experience has been. Disney did refund my MVMCP tix. I’d rather just transfer the tix and have this horrendous experience behind me.

Did you not end up going solo? No chance you all can go in the next 6 weeks? So sorry you weren’t able to get a refund from UT.

No both kids got sick, one after the other with a 9 day virus, it was brutal. The only time I have off is the week between christamas and New Years and I’m not sure we could handle the crowds. Plus my DH is still out of work, almost 6 months now so cash is tight

I’m sorry. I hope you can sell the tickets and recoup a little bit of your money.

I am sorry to hear of your troubles. I was sending lots of good thoughts your way, so sorry it didn’t work out.
This is what you maybe have been calling about but can’t you always upgrade an unused ticket in person at guest relations and pay the difference for a current ticket? It isnt ideal because then you wouldn’t have a FP window. But if you found a good off site stay deal and tried for same day FP in a lower CL time you may do ok.

Those tickets are really the most expensive part of the trip depending on how you approach it and they are already paid for. If you get money back then that is of course the best option. But I would consider holding on to them if you are having to sell them at a huge discount.

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