3rd trip in 3 years: Suggestions for New Things to Do?

So, after 15+ years of not having visited Disney, I’ve gone once a year for the last 2 years (4-5 days at Disney, 1-2 at Universal each time.) It’s a lot of fun, and I’m thinking about going back in May.

I’m hoping that you can help me with suggestions for something new to do. Both the 2016 and 2017 trips were similar in that we did 1 day at each park (in 2017, we skipped MK and did a day at Blizzard Beach instead, since the vacation party is 2 adults in their early 30s and 2 in their early 60s. The water park day was fantastic.)

It’s fun, but my dad in particular wants to use vacation as a chance to do something new that we haven’t done before, not just re-ride all the rides. In 2016, we did the Wanyama Safari at AKL; in 2017, we saw the Cirque du Soleil show at Disney Springs. What else could we do? I know the Cirque show was coming to an end; has Disney replaced it with something else? Has anyone here done the Wild Africa Trek or the Evening Safari Experience at Animal Kingdom? Has anyone gone parasailing at the Contemporary?

(Also, would anyone recommend pulling a day off the itinerary to see something else in the area? I can’t ride roller coasters, so I’m thinking Busch Gardens would be a waste; I’m also considering whether or not it would be worth spending a day to drive down to the Kennedy Space Center, possibly in lieu of going to HS, since last year HS was only a half-day park and Star Tours is really the only thing I’d miss.)

I’m super-open to suggestions, so I’m hoping someone else has done something they’ve really enjoyed and would like to recommend.

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Sea World is always a good day park. Also you have Gator Land and International Drive.

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My wife and I did the Wild Africa Trek for our honeymoon in 2016, and had a blast! It’s something I would definitely recommend for your groups demographic with the midday lunch on the safari is nice, plus getting a private tour of the savanna makes me never want to ride Kiliminjaro :sweat_smile:

This time we’re going to visit Kennedy Space Center since her family is coming along and her father wants to go there. So, I can have an update after my trip in early February!

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I love Kennedy Space Centre, as does the whole family. There’s plenty to do for a whole day, we usually do two. If you visit their site you can plan your visit: you browse what there is to do, plug in the ones you want to do and it gives you an approximate time. Or pick from suggested plans depending on how long you have and what you like. Sound familiar? :thinking:

Just be aware the queues of cars waiting to park can be long, and I mean from the minute you join the causeway some days. the earlier you can arrive the better. It’s an easy drive though, with a few tolls.

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The Marceline to Magic Kingdom tour is fantastic. It is 3 hours in the Magic Kingdom. Lots of great info on Walt and his influence in the parks. My hubby and I loved it very much.

We also did the Behind the Steam Trains Tour which was also very good. If you like trains it is really cool to go back to the round house and see the train up close and personal.

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I really enjoy Afternoon Tea at the Grand Floridian. You can order varying amounts of food, and you can order champagne! I schedule it instead of lunch on a MK day.