3rd Track for TSMM?

Although still in the rumor stage, WDWMagic is reporting that the construction in Soundstage 1 will be to add a third track to TSMM. Really Disney? Other parks get Mystic Manor, Ratatouille, and RSR, and DHS gets a third track to the most over-hyped ride in all of WDW. If this IS true, it is one of the saddest announcements to come out of WDI in a long time…

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This is one rumor I really hope they got wrong. Makes NO sense!! The ride wait is so long because it is the only “all ages” ride at the park since movie ride can scare wee ones.

If they had, oh I dunno, a few actual rides for kids guess what?! The line would go down and we wouldn’t need a freaking 3rd track.

Yeah, @bswan26, I feel like instead of TSMM, the resources might be better used to build a second or third track for the new Figment. (Just some friendly teasing, ha ha – I remember how much you love the new Figment!) :slight_smile:

Tis True from what I understand. A co-workers brother is an architect with a firm that got one of the contracts.

Someone just told me that they heard that when they visit the studios they can only use Fastpass Plus for TSMM b/c they will not have a standby line. Any idea why she would think that?

According to allears.net that is true for this week. Until October 10th there is no standby line for TSMM only people with FPP can ride. They referred to it as a test.

sounds like the test is really for analyzing FPP capacity at the existing 2 tracks for a third track. At least, that’s the general consensus. Same with Soarin’ earlier this year

W the recent closings and impending construction, think the concern is an even bigger crunch on Toy.