3rd party tickets

I’ve always bought tickets through Disney, but am looking at buying park tickets through one of the third party vendors. How does it work with fast passes? Do we enter ticket numbers into our my disney app and can then get fast passes? Also in the event we are staying at a resort hotel can we still get the fast passes 60 days in advance? Thanks!

Yes, you enter your ticket numbers into the MDE app, and yes, if you are staying at a resort you still can make FPP reservations at 60 days out.

I’ve ordered from Uncover Tourist twice without any problems.

I also have used Undercover Tourist several times without any problems.

For our next trip we’re going to buy from Official Ticket Center. I’ll pay $10 less per ticket than UT and $28.59 less per ticket than Disney. We’re buying 6 tickets this time so that’s a big savings!

Make sure you use the link from touringplans for the best price. If it doesn’t work call, they are very nice.

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Thanks! I just found that link!!

Thanks everyone, good info!

I ordered from UT twice too! I did not order from Parksavers since I wanted a “real ticket” not a voucher or ETicket and I was told that OTC required a signature upon delivery.

I didn’t realize that. I’m usually home so I should be ok.

If I buy MYW tickets from UT now before the price hike. Would they still be good in Jan 2017? And could I upgrade them to a park hopper if I wanted?

Yes, both UT and OTC are good into 2017. Some people have reported that Parksavers expire at the end of this year. You can add PH at the park if you want to. I would use them once before adding just in case to lock in the discount.

Yup. No problem. I bought UT last Feb before price hike and used them the past January. I wouldn’t use Park Savers because like @PrincipalTinker I have heard about expiry (not worth the extra few $ savings to take the chance IMO).

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