3rd July / 4th July Celebrations at MK

We’ll be there at this time, we thought we would go to MK on 3rd July instead (avoiding the 10 day on the 4th) to see the special edition fireworks show. Does anything know if any other attractions are different on this day also? ie main street electrical parade etc? just working out what to put into the plan.

Also - looking at arriving at the park around 2.30 pm this day - (level 7) anyone see any issues with this late arrival? wait times all seem to be ok on the optimize I’m doing at the moment.
(i’ve read for the 4th you should spend all day there, but thinking we can get away with the afternoon for the 3rd) doing epcot in the morning that day.

My trip this year was from June 28-July 4th. The crowds were low until the 3rd. Even with the crowds it was manageable using FPP. I must admit we also booked The dessert party on the 3rd and it was great. We arrived at MK in the afternoon of the 3rd and the crowd didn’t really grow until that night but wow, it did grow! The CMs made many walk ways one way and we were moved back stage after the fireworks towards the Peoplemover. The only thing different on the 3rd that I saw were some decorations and those amazing fireworks. They were handing out flag pins to all guests on the way in to MK on the 4th.

I went home on the 4th but from 8-11:15 I was able to do three FPs, a parade ( there was a morning FoF) two other attractions and I had a Nutella waffle. The crowds entering MK that morning as I was leaving were crazy! If you are coming through the TTC during this time jump on the resort loop.

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Excellent! Thanks so much!. Dessert party sounds awesome! How far out do they usually release details on those?

We’ll be there 25 june - 10th july.

The dessert party is 180 days out. The party last year was loaded a few days late because it was scheduled an hour earlier than the regular time but I think with the new policy of saying your ADR is for 6:00 even if it is 8:00, you should book it as soon as the window opens. It was so worth not having to fight those crowds and the 4th of July fireworks are amazing!

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thanks @PrincipalTinker sounds great. I was trying to decide where to eat that night so dessert for dinner sounds ace!

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We were also there July 6-12 last year and had a great time. We were expecting really large crowds but they were really managable and we had a great trip. I think you will be OK in MK on the 3rd, especially if you use FPP.