3rd FP?

Making FPs tomorrow, Have an idea of what I am doing for first 2. Looking for what to make with our 3rd > We are 4 adults, and My 3yr old GD. hoping to make a something in the 12 -130 time frame so I could look for a fourth. My choices will probably be between WTP, Meet Cinderella, Speedway ,Barnstormer or Buzz.Everything I have read says that Buzz and Speedway are readily available as Same day FP.

What are your first two choices?

Hoping to get morning HM&JC

I would go with Buzz. Usually everyone enjoys it and not as easy to get as the others.

If you’re 60 days out you would have no trouble getting those. I don’t know about 30 days. You have a lot of nice variety in there no matter what you choose for 3rd.

Have you tried making a custom touring plan yet? If so, you could see what on your plan has the longest predicted wait time, and choose that way.

If Speedway is a must-do, I would maybe go for that. The queue builds very quickly and it’s slow moving.

Buzz gets my vote.

From my experience, Meet Cinderella and Speedway are the toughest same day FP of the group you mentioned. With a 3 y/o GD, I use the FP on Meet Cinderella (and Elena is there too).

In the end ,I went with Buzz at 1:20, Best ride, wait times said it was the longest wait, Thanks to all for their input