3pm Parade - Frontierland area advice

We will be down to MK next Thursday. A level 4 busy day. We are thinking to watch the 3 pm parade from Frontierland. Any advice on how early to get a spot to ensure front row viewing? Also any tips on where to be in Frontierland? We are 2 adults and 2 little ones with 2 single strollers.

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We have watched it from Pecos Bills before and the last time we sat right across from Pecos Bills (it was in front of where Splash Mountain drop ended and curved around…hope that makes sense). The area was taped off and we had a great spot. Had to sit on the ground but it was perfect. I would get there at least a 1/2 hour before the parade. There is also an amazing cotton candy vendor there too. I swear it was the best cotton candy I have ever had.

CL 4 will be NICE!

We have almost always gone on CL 7-9 days and watch from Frontierland. We typically walk up and get a great spot - in front of the Diamond Horseshoe or the shop right nearby, about 10-15 minutes ahead. On a CL 4 it should be easy to do that

PS are you from the 603?

Thanks everyone for the advice. I think we’ll arrive in the general area about 30min in advance and if it’s not too busy then we’ll meander and “shop” until about 15 minutes till. @OBNurseNH We’re from the 406.

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