3day non-hopper tickets- 2 days at Cal. Adv or Disneyland?

My husband and I are taking our 2 kids (age 4 & 6) next Sunday, Monday and Tuesday to Disneyland. Did not purchase the hopper tickets. We will for sure go to Disneyland on Tuesday since we will have the extra hour in the morning. But, my question is- do we go to Disneyland Sunday, California Adventure Monday then back to Disneyland on Tuesday or spend the first two days in California adventure?
This will be the first time for the kids. Hubby and I haven’t been in 25 years. Any advise, tips, etc would be so welcomed!

I would start off by making some Personalized TPs to see how much you are going to be able to get done on a given day, and then compare that to what you want to accomplish overall. The additional day would then be used at the park where you have the most left to do.

2 days for Disneyland and 1 for DCA. There is a lot more to do in Disneyland and no way to get it done in one day with large crowds. You will need both the MM on Tuesday and rope drop on Sunday to have an effective plan. Good luck and have fun!

I would probably go to DL one day, DCA another day, and then, based on what you did or did not get to do, make your decision “on the fly” as to which one you go to on the 3rd day. If I “had” to solidify the plan in advance, I would do 2 in DL and 1 in DCA; DL has many more attractions (and lines).

Thank you! What is rope drop?

Rope Drop is the official park opening. It dates back to the old days where they would fill MS with guests and the lands were closed off with actual ropes stretched across the entrances. At 9:00 the ropes would literally be dropped, and you could get into the rest of the park.

To clarify, it’s is what is posted on the schedule as the official opening of the park that day.

Got it! Thank you!

@bswan26 explained rope drop perfectly. The shortest lines all day will be in the first 2 hours- be at the gates at least 45 minutes before open. It will be totally worth it, do not sleep in! :grinning: