3D effects in FOP

Hi, I am usually not one for 3D, sometimes I don’t wear the glasses. Do you know if objects come at you or how intense the 3D effects are for flight of passage? Thank you!

Nothing really comes at you. You just feel totally immersed in the environment. As 3D goes, I find it very comfortable and mild (and a lot of 3D gives me motion sickness)


Objects don’t come out at you in the way they do in PhilharMagic. Nothing comes right up to your face.

You’re sitting on a flying horse that swoops around the planet. A couple of times it swoops close to things — a massive whale jumps out of the ocean at one point; at another your flying horse gets into a spat with another one.

It’s more like watching an IMAX movie. It’s not disorienting.


I get motion sickness feeling to with some 3D things. This was definitely not one of them. Hope you go on it and love it!