30 min wait for TOT at RD?

My TP says that my wait for TOT will be 30 min at rope drop on a CL 4 day. I know it is only running on one side/tower right now, but all of what I’ve read is that it is easily a walk on at RD, with the masses headed to TSL. Does this sound right, even assuming I’m not “ahead” of the RD crowd, as TP does?

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We were there last week and lots of people were running for TOT at RD. I was surprised at the crowd. We were at the front of the pack because my niece really wanted to ride and she didn’t have an FPP.

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Remember that TP can’t really estimate RD wait. It assumes you are walking in the park at opening time. So, effectively, at the back of the pack.


What is this mythical thing of which you speak?


I was not able to get a ToT fast pass because I used the later days of my trip for AK & FoP. When I came back to book my HS day, I was surprised to see that the allocation was gone. I guess I’ll just keep checking every so often or do the rope drop run.

Does Disney drop more FP+ for attractions at 30 days out ?

Do you know if the crowd mellow out or did it stay busy?

Looks like the posted times stay busy, but the actual green dot wait times are more reasonable.


I know the posted times stayed busy. She didn’t try to go again, so I’m not sure about the actual waits.


Good to know, thanks.

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It does exist! I walked on the astroobiter once. :slight_smile:

Nah. You’re just pulling my leg! :wink:

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lies! Even when there is nobody in line, it takes at least 20 minutes to get on that stupid elevator.


Okay, okay, it wasn’t AO, it was IASW.

No, I really did! It was a CL 2 day in October, we were at the Tomorrowland hub spoke at 8:30, and literally the first people in line for AO. The CM sauntered up at 9:05, but then let us ride twice in a row!

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Ah. That I can believe. I mean, who wants to ride a boat with nothing else to do but look at a bunch of singing/dancing dolls. :wink:

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Aha! @heidelj is right! You got there at 8:30, but CM at 9:05. That means you waited 35 minutes! NOT a walk-on!

D’oh! Foiled again.

I don’t believe that they drop more FP at 30 days - some people do. I’m hoping I’m wrong as I did HS first and could only get TOT for 5.20, which means I won’t be able to get a same day SDD. Which I couldn’t get at all.

That was 15 days ago, and the only TOT I’ve seen since (checking several times a day) was yesterday, at 8.10. It didn’t last long.

Even if that is the case now, I suspect it will change if as rumored TOT becomes a Tier 1 starting August 29.

Well, I walked on from rope drop at 9 am!

You can look for a same-day FPP; I think HS does drops at a variety of times, including 12:01 pm on many days.

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9.31, 12.01, 2.31.


Thanks for this!

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