30 day FPP - are new ones added?

Does anyone know if they add new FPP at the 30 day mark? We booked a little after the 60 mark and were not able to get SDD. I was wondering if I should try to modify at the 30 day mark to see if new FPP are released.


Unfortunately not - sometimes they’ll drop same-day, but not really added at the 30 day mark. I recommend checking the calendar at thedibb to see what might be available (for example, as of today some afternoon FPP were available for SDD on Feb 1).


Unfortunately no. You can still try (and I would try every day), and some might pop up due to people cancelling when final payment is due 30 days out, but it will just be a matter of chance if you can grab one.

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Thank you, both! I am checking every day. However, the 30 day mark is Christmas and unless I knew there were going to be FPP, I was not going to be logging on to my computer at 7 AM Christmas morning.

I have not been on thedibb. I learn something new everyday. Off to check it out.

It would be unfair to on-site guests to reserve some for the 30 day mark…and I say this as one who doesn’t stay on site.

But, SDD is difficult to get even at 60 days. I think you have to be more like 60+3 or 60+4 to have a decent shot at it.

But no harm trying as often as you can to see if anyone got one and dropped it. Even then, I imagine it is a scene from Finding Nemo with all the seagulls. “Mine, mine, mine, mine, mine!” :wink:

Go today to try and modify whatever HS tier 1 FP+ you currently have. I looked at the end of January dates just now and saw that HS is opening at 8 am every day—I’m not sure if this is a new development for your particular dates or not but if this is a change in opening time for your HS date, you might be able to snag SDD FP+. I’m going earlier in January but just got the notification that HS would be opening at 8am rather than 9 am for all my dates and was able to modify my TSMM FP+ to SDD. Good luck!

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Second that. They added a bunch of FP times between 8-9am today for January dates. We’re going last week of Jan. Missed out initially on SDD at day 63 (ie. 3rd day of our trip) but was able to modify our TSMM into SDD at 8:45am for 5 today!

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Yep! Our HS day was part of the change in hours and I was able to snag a SDD at 9:00. So excited. I was really worried about trying to rope drop it with how early the park has been opening for Star Wars.

Thanks so much for that tip. I was able to get SDD for our January trip too.