30 day 7:00 am FP+ report for HS

With the new tiers, as discussed in other threads, I’m worried about my ability to obtain FPs at 30 days…so, I plan to monitor things over the next few weeks. I’ll report my results here, in case there are any others who care.

I logged in exactly at 7:00 and viewed available Fast Passes. Here’s what I found (earliest time):

ASS - 3:00
TSM - 3:55
ST - 9:10
TOT - 9:35
RnRC - 12:40

Of course, SDD and MFSR were gone.

11 minutes later:

ASS - 5:20
TSM - 5:55
ST - 12:55
TOT - 9:30
RnRC - 1:50

So, they are moving quickly, although I know there is some variability in what they offer each time you load the page.

In the very least, it means I have some hope in getting some of the FPs I want in HS if this continues. I’ll try again in a few days and compare the results. Actually, I should probably do it tomorrow so that I can see what a Monday is like.

ETA: 30 days out from this post date is Sunday, February 23…predicted CL 4.


Unfortunately I don’t think data from the next 30 days is going to be very representative. I believe there will be a high fraction of people who scheduled FPs at 60days from check in and either ignored the announcement or didn’t realize that even if SDD and MFSR weren’t available they could chance their tier 2s.
A better estimate will be with park days starting 60 days from now.


Are you going to book throw away fast passes as early as possible in the day?

No need for throwaway FPs any longer with the new Tiers.

I partially agree. It will be a little representative, but this is why I want to monitor it over the next few weeks to see how things change.

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How do you view fast pass availability if your fast pass window hasn’t opened yet?

I have an AP, so I can always look 30 days out.

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Well that makes sense then! :blush:

I was wondering the same thing about checking FPP availability! Thank you for clarifying. And thank you for updating us here with the availability. I’m going in April and this new Tier system is obviously changing my planning for our one HS day. I appreciate all of the data!

How are you seeing that availability if your window hasn’t opened yet?


If it helps, in the old old tier system, (right before TSL) I had no issues finding extra fastpasses for ST, ToT or RnRc. TSM was the tricky one at the time, but my understanding is that it has gotten easier to obtain with the other 2 TSL rides added. I don’t think your going to have an issue with them at 30 days, except for maybe not getting your perfect time. It’s SDD and MFSR you’ll have issues with.

This morning, FPP availability for 30 days (Feb. 24) was better than yesterday. There were more varied times available…although it looks like Disney must have dropped additional times early in the day because when I looked at availability for 29 days out, there were now a bunch of times in the 8 o’clock hour for TSM, ASS, etc, that weren’t there when I looked yesterday. Those same 8 o’clock times were there for 30 days out today, but were getting snatched up pretty quickly.

Another thing…this morning, I kept getting failures while searching times, whereas yesterday I never saw an error. Maybe more people are able to get on right at 7 on Saturday?

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While I got to work early enough, I got distracted and didn’t check until 7:15 for Fastpass availability at HS.

Regardless, the pattern seems to be holding, so I think we’ll be able to modify our plans accordingly.

Anyhow, 30 day FP availability at 7:15 for Wednesday, Feb. 26:

ASS - 4:35
TSM - 5:20
ST - 2:50
TOT - 10:40
RnRC - 8:25, then 1:45 was next earliest

So, if this holds, our HS day 1 was originally going to be only until about 5:00 pm…but now I plan to use the time period after 5:00 to do TSL. SDD wait times drop off after 7:00 pm, and by 8:00 pm has seen wait times below 45 minutes.

I think I can then do RnRC with a FP in the afternoon, and just do SB for ToT. We’ll fit in ST and shows where we can, depending on when our ROTR BG (hopefully) is.

But I’ll continue to monitor as this could all change.

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Just for S&Gs (Navy term) and based on a blog [from somewhere else] asking if all of Epcot’s rides could be done in one day (:rofl:) I put all of HS rides into a touring plan for the last Sunday in June with morning EMH. Included RotR and MMRT which TP wasn’t really sure what to do with (cuz boarding groups) but gave RotR a 115 min wait. No FPs. Starting at Star Tours, SWL, TSL, MMRT and then Sunset Blvd.

All rides done by mid afternoon. 3 or 3:30. Thereabouts.

Of course this involves some serious line waits for a couple of the rides which none of us want to do.

But it surprised me that TP had the rides knocked out before supper.

Now I’m thinking of how long to do ALL of Fantasyland rides. :thinking:

According to my current plan all Fantasyland done by about 2.30pm on a 9am open, with only 3 initial fastpasses used. Not including princess meet and greets and including a Be our Guest lunch.

My plan at this point for our Fantasyland day is this: https://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=4036976

We are done quite early, and then I have us doing Tom Sawyer’s Island.

How many attractions does this include? I’d skip M&Gs as well.

For HS I didn’t include any meals, breaks or snacks. Cuz it’s not a real plan anyway.

Wow, that’s a short wait for Dumbo. But then our last Dumbo ride was the old location. Dorian closed MK in September on our MK Fantasyland evening. So no Dumbo, or Ariel or tales with Belle. The great granddaughters had such a great first visit they don’t even know what they missed.

What do you do on Tom Sawyer’s Island nowadays?

12 attractions in all, if you include Casey junior splash station. Fastpasses on seven dwarfs, Peter Pan and Winnie the Pooh. Longest wait was enchanted tales at 19 mins (which is why it’s not sat on my real plan!)

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