3 weeks left!

I can’t contain my excitement and need to share it with like-minded people like you!

My wife and I will be hitting WDW on 5/27. We’re staying at Beach Club! We’ve never stayed at a deluxe resort before and certainly have never been within walking distance of a park (let alone TWO)! Can’t wait to take advantage of the flexibility that offers us!

We’ve left our arrival night without plans. Not sure what we’re gonna do yet. Or where to have dinner. Maybe hit the resort pool? (Supposedly the best of all the resorts).

Saturday we’re doing Epcot. Our TP has us hitting a few of our favorites in FW then we’re off to WS for lunch then we’ll take our time hitting all the countries to explore each of them in depth. (Previous times we’ve just breezed through them). Hoping we’ll luck out and catch a soft opening of FEE and/or Soarin’!

Sunday we currently have a TP for HS, but my wife doesn’t care much for the rides there. So not sure if we’re going to go or not. I might just go early myself, let her sleep in, and hit TZToT and RR as many times as I can after rope drop. Then she can join me later to hit our FPP for StarWars and TSMM.

Monday is the best day - MK and we’re doing the Keys to the Kingdom Tour!! This is a bucket list item! I’m so fascinated by MK and its history and inner workings. I can’t wait to see them for myself in person!

Tuesday morning we’re having breakfast at Cape May Cafe, then we have to head back to the airport. :frowning:

Oh, and my wife does horrible in the heat. So I’m hoping the water mister/fan and sun umbrella I bought her will help! I’m also going to make sure she keeps very hydrated! On the bright side, Memorial Day Weekend shouldn’t be quite as hot as mid-August, right!?

Thanks for reading and sharing my excitement with me!


With no countdown in sight, sharing others’ excitement over their trips is my best way to get my fix.

I love the sound of your plans. Sounds almost relaxing - which is not what I think of WRT a WDW trip! I hope you’ll check in as you can while you’re there and share photos and such :slight_smile:

I would love to do the KTTK tour someday too!


Ha. Yeah. Sorta. Our Epcot and MK TPs are from open to close, so not totally relaxing, but we’re certainly going to do everything we want to!

I know the “living vicariously through others going to Disney” feeling!! Any time I overhear someone talking about going I have to butt into the conversation to get details and offer tips where I can. Of course, I ALWAYS recommend using TPs and explain how it’s the best $13 they’ll ever spend!


I do the same. I try not to be obnoxious, but I’m sure I fail at that most of the time.

Sounds like a fantastic trip!! Hope you’ll do a report so we can hear how it all turned out! :smile: Have a wonderful time!!

Sounds like a wonderful trip planned. Beach Club is lovely. We stay @Dolphin, love walking/boating to 2 parks. Did KTK tour yrs ago during son’s university grad trip, was a highlight of that trip.

Just got back 2 wks ago, so I’m following along w others plans now, b/c I already miss disney, so was good to hear a fun plan!

Congratulations and enjoy!

3 weeks! So exciting! You came to the right place to share your excitement! Thank you!!