3 ?s Excluded Resorts: Free Dining VS room discount, age of children?

  1. what resorts are usually excluded from Free Dining?

  2. What is better free dining or the room discount?

  3. I will have an 11yo this go round, are they still a child’s ticket and child’s meal?

Hi sburnette!

  1. They can be different every time, but generally, the resorts that fill up first are excluded, because they don’t need a discount to get people to book.
  2. IMO, the room discount saves me more money, because our family doesn’t normally eat the amount of food that is included in the free dining, but YMMV
  3. Sadly, your 11yo is an adult. :frowning: Disney considers kids who are 10 years old or older adults.

Thank you so much!

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You basically have to do the math. At Value / Moderates - the “free” dining option is usually cheaper. Deluxe - the room discount is usually a better deal. Just remember NOTHING is free - it comes at the expense of something else. We usually don’t do the meal plan - it doesn’t make sense for us. My wife likes the kiddie menu. I did think it was worth it if you have lots of Character Meals as they are very $$ and if you load up on them - the mealplan is worth it IMHO. We usually don’t get it.

Since your 11 year old is a “Disney adult”, if there are three of you the DP will cost annoy $190 a night. That is less than deluxe savings on RO, but will save you money at a moderate.