3 parks in one day

Am I crazy or is this possible? I have a season pass. My friend has never been to universal. We have one day. We are both mostly interested in Harry Potter and the water park. Universal does not offer a discount on volcano bay even when you are buying a 2 park ticket. So annoying. No AP discount either.

Rope drop 8-11:30
Diagon alley Touring
Leaky cauldron
Hogwarts Express
Forbidden journey
Hogsmeade touring
Hagrids if open or not a crazy wait
Jurassic Park
Raptor encounter
11:30 lunch at toothsomes
12:15-4:00 volcano bay
Relax on beach, drink, lazy river, maybe rides
4:00- 6:00 Mardi Gras food, drink, ET ride
6:00 - 8:00 ride Mardi Gras float
9:00 leave for airport.

It’s certainly possible, we did 3 parks in one day in August and we started at VB and went back to HRH for showers before heading out to the other parks.

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I’m bringing body wipes but does VB have any showers? Even outdoor ones?

Not impossible, but it’s definitely ambitious before lunch - especially with Hagrid’s included (that’s often a 100+ minute wait)

I don’t know how much WWOHP “touring” you can do + attractions. Are you eating at Leaky Cauldron?

IME - You can’t do a 30 minute lunch at Toothsome’s. Speed is not their specialty

You’ll be at VB during peak times so you’ll want to have your top 3 “must do” attractions

I don’t want to be a “dream killer”, but I would say it’s going to be a march.

Yes! In the changing rooms

EDIT - I agree with starting at VB if you really insist on doing all 3 parks. It often has the least number of ppl there in the morning

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I definitely want to do HP first when crowds are the most manageable. Rides are not very important to us at VB. It’s more just finding a chair and hanging out. (I know that might be an issue). I’ve only been there in the morning when doing rides but it is nice they have the virtual line.

I sit at the bar at toothsomes and we will know what we want to order.

Yes I am eating a small breakfast at leaky cauldron. I have done diagon alley, gringotts and breakfast and still made the walk over to Hagrids to rope drop before but she will probably take longer since she has not seen the stores which will add about half an hour to an hour. Which is why I’m not sure we will get to ride Hagrids unless luck is on our side.

This will take smart packing for the day and creativeness since we are not going back to a hotel room.

An express pass and premium seating at VB might also be an option I will look into.

The water was freezing in the showers at VB, but I don’t know if they’re always freezing.

I agree completely with this. Even if you know what you want, I think this will be a serious stretch.

I was making it a 45 min lunch. When I said 12:15 VB I was including travel time into that.

I’m also not keeping to a hard schedule. These are approximates. We might get there sooner or later.

For some reason, water parks seem to wear me out. I think I’d be done after that!!

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They are exhausting. So many steps!

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