3 parks in 1 day? Do or do not, there is no try

It’s been 9 years since we last visited! We only have one day, July 7, to do the parks between college visits. The princess and the pirate have grown up and have a short list of must do, extremely popular rides. Can we do them all in one day without standing in line for hours? Staying at BC, so we have EE and are using PH. Is ILL the only way to get RotR if we start at Epcot or should we be starting at HS to make this all happen? Thank you Liners!

Must do: GotG (via BG1 at 7am), Remy at EE
Nostalgia: M:S, Soarin’, TT, shopping and eating

Must do: MFSR, RotR
Nostalgia: TSM, RnRc

Must do: PotC


If I only had 1 day I’d just throw the $ at it with ILLs and G+. You should be able to get through those all easily in 1 day that way.


You should be able to get through all these with ILL for RotR (and Remy if you want Edit: whoops Remy is Genie+ now). Just think of it as saving money by not going 2 days. I would get Genie+ as well. But you could do standby if that’s your only option. It’s a short enough list that it’s feasible. Another option would be to do Single Rider on TT, MFSR, and maybe RnRC if it is shorter than standby (it often is just as long or longer).

Is this a night with extended evening hours as well? That would help with MK.


Yes, MK will be open until 11pm so that should give us the chance to get there for Pirates (and a Dole Whip!) Thanks @Jeff_AZ !


Remy won’t be an ILL in July, it’s Guardians. Isn’t it? I’m doubting myself now.

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You are 100% right. It is now Genie+ and will be through at least August 7th. (Personal opinion: they will not revert it to ILL. We’ll see.)