3 Parks have morning EMH on the same day?!

The fourth park is EP, which is not a priority for us this time. So, what should I do? We can’t rope drop b/c the rides we would rope drop are going to already have lines, right? Any advice would help. Never faced this situation before and been to Disney many times.

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Welcome to the forum amiga! Fortunately it looks like you’re traveling in the months just after Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens. They announced extra extra magic hours as a treat for on site guests. Check it out:

So, you get to enjoy extra time in the park! But my guess is you’re not a RD person… Don’t worry! Most everyone will be heading to HS and SW:GE, so my guess is it will be a perfect time to head to the other parks. Set up a touring plan for the hour you may realistically arrive! If you’re staying off site, you’ll have a disadvantage but you’ll be ahead of the off sire crowds with a good TP. Let us know if you have any more questions! We’ll walk you through everything!

You’re off property?

We are as well. I’m ignoring EMH.

Am planning to be at the park of the morning before regular park opening. Just in case CMs let us in a few minutes early.

Definitely planning to use a touring plan.

We’re have park hoppers. We’ll do a mid- day rest and head to a different evening park.

Also using FPs more in the evening.

Usually we go to the non EMH park. This trip with so many parks doing EMH I kinda used crowd levels a little to pick morning parks.

Certainly used CL to pick our HS day.
Also not even planning to do the big ones, FoP, SDD, 7dmt.

Basically all different from usual planning. Was looking forward to seeing how it worked out. Not so sure now with Dorian on the way . . .

I’m not a big fan of being damp.

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Thanks! Yes, I knew of the extra morning EMH at HS for Star Wars opening. But I’ve never seen 3 parks have morning EMH on the same day! I actually am a RD person! It just doesn’t make sense to RD a park that’s already been open for an hour or more.

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Yes, janamelia, we are off property. We are actually locals but planning a big deal trip with two of our children and 3 of our grands with my 74 year old mother. Then I get ready to plan out our days and prepare for fastpasses this Friday and find 3 parks with morning EMH! I had never seen that. Like you, I never pick the morning EMH park. But I guess we’ll have to. Since my original post, I’ve been pondering several plans and ended up where you are. I think we’ll do one park in the AM and be there before regular opening hours and then a different park later in the day with our fastpasses probably in the second park. And I guess we’ll head to EP after all. Yes, it is very different from our usual planning too.
I’m terrible with all the abbreviations, what is “CL to pick our HS day”?


‘Crowd level to pick our Hollywood Studios day’.


Not everything is open for EMH, so you could try rope dropping rides that open at regular park open. For example, Frontierland is not open for EMH, so you could rope drop Big Thunder Mountain or Splash Mountain.


@missoverexcited and @melcort10 said what I’d say.

To me Magic Kingdom (MK) isn’t that big of a deal for EMH since it’s Fantasyland mostly and we’re not big Fantasyland people. And half of what we want to do in Tomorrowland rarely has lines. Carousel of Progress and Peoplemover.

We did a similar plan for our Thanksgiving week big birthday and anniversary bash trip, again staying off property. Took longer to get to the parks than we expected in the mornings, so rope drop vanished. But the evening fast passes worked very well.

And we discovered we really really liked evening Kilimanjaro Safaris.

On our upcoming 7 day trip we’re doing one morning and another evening in MK, one morning and another evening in Animal Kingdom, two evenings and a morning in Epcot and one morning in Hollywood Studios. At HS we have three adult newbies and 3 newbie kids in our group. We’re “rope dropping” Tower of Terror, have a fp for Rock’n’Roller Coaster and then we’re doing Star Tours three times, according to touring plans. I figured we’d have time for one ST but touring plans says 4 times if we have one fast pass, also. We have a meal at 50’s Prime Time at 11:30.

We don’t need the fast pass much for the evening as we’re doing the princess supper at Norway in Epcot. I might get a fast pass for a show in Hollywood Studios to tap and run so we can try for a Frozen Ever After fast pass. What we really need the fp for is the meet & greet in Norway.

Edited to add: we have a water park day in the middle and another day near the end for resort relaxing. With the current tropical storm situation I’m prepared for the resort relaxing on Monday and MK on our original resort day. And I’m bringing a some fun things to do in the resort.

I know we’ll have a great time - we’re at Disney with good people.

I figure having 3 parks with EMH will disperse crowds such that EMH will have less effect on the crowd level. Might not be too bad at regular open at least for MK and AK, especially if the regular opening time is early.



That’s a great point for MK. Thanks!

Yes! I hadn’t even thought about that! And especially with HS having a 3 hour morning EMH. That really encourages me! Thanks!

I’m really encouraged to hear you say that plan worked on such a busy time as Thanksgiving! I have just never done it that way. We are almost always “RD till the park closes or we drop” people. And we always ride what we want with few exceptions - FOP, 7Dwarfs. We also like the evening Safaris. It seems like you see more animals then.
Hope you don’t get washed out of everything with the storm! Be safe! Sounds like you’ve planned well and have a great attitude!

Thanks! Difficult to keep a good attitude with this storm track uncertainty!

I don’t think this is true. It still makes sense. And, POSSIBLY, it makes MORE sense. Because on-site resort guests will be getting their RD rides out of the way. So instead of RDing with both on-site and off-site guests, you are RDing against the off-site guests mostly, with the on-site RD crowds already moving on to other rides.

At least in theory.

And with EMH in three parks, you have 1/3 as many on-site guests in each park as you would have if EMHs were in a single park.

But RD still gets you into the parks ahead of a significant number of people.

As much as it pains me to agree with @ryan1 (increase his ego) he’s exactly right. Rope drop might be considered that moment or even first hour while it’s actually a longer time. Rope drop is from when you can officially enter to when the “I’m on vacation I’m not getting up early people” arrive.

There’s no specific time but it’s sure recognizable - that noticeable “ok we’re done” size of crowd.

If you’re there before the mass of people, you’re still benefiting from fewer folks. Even if there were some folks already in the park.

We did try an experiment one year with sleeping in, doing parks afternoon to late night (midnight). Sounded great, on paper.

Our stay happened to be during an unusually rainy early June. We got the least amount of touring ever. Even the teens wanted to go back to early morning on the next trip.

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“At least in theory”, right! I’m really hoping this is what comes to pass. It’s just the chance to ride the most popular rides - 7Dwarfs, FOP, SD - without long waits is pretty slim w/o RD and no EMH. We have RD’d FOP and even had morning EMH and gotten to ride by walking on. But once we got off, the line was already too long for another ride. It only goes up from there and that’s been in the low crowd season.

I’ve wondered about just going late in the day. It sure would be easier to get moving but I’ve been afraid to try it. Guess I won’t after your experience. Funny about your teens! Our grands, 7 & 9 now, have grown to appreciate how much we get to do when we RD. So, we don’t hear them complaining about early mornings.

Your mileage may vary.

Give the late night plan a try if parks are open way late.

Weather changes all the time.