3 or 4 Days? HS or Universal

HS - is awful right now.

Why do you say that? I plan a trip in the before the end of the year and am currently deciding what parks to attend? I keep seeing reviews about HS having lots of attractions closed…

Unless you are a big Star Wars Fan there’s just not a lot to do in the park because of all the closures. It felt like a lot of retail stores and mostly shows with a select few rides. However, my favorite night shows, Star Wars Fireworks and Fantasmic! were in this park, plus I loved Rock n’ Roller Coaster and Tower of Terror so it has some redeemable qualities.

I thought the same thing before my first visit. You may find yourself quite taken aback by how much you are drawn to them.

Then again, maybe not. But I sure was!

Good to know! Could you do HS and AK in one full day? And still get a good gist?

Yeah - you can.