3 night vs 4 night Dream cruise

Hello! We are currently booked on the 4 night Dream cruise 4/6-10. This after 1 day at Sea World, 2 Universal (onsite), 2 days at WDW (onsite), the cruise, then 2 more days at WDW (onsite). Unfortunately this is Spring Break time and the prices for everything are outrageous. Thinking of changing to the 3 night Dream cruise on 4/10-12. Everything else the same, plus an extra night/day at WDW. Would save me $1100 to go from the 4 night to the 3. This includes extra night at WDW, extra day food, etc. So what I can't decide is....is the 1 extra night and 1 day at sea really worth $1100? It will be me, DD13 and DS11. DH not going as he does not love Disney or cruising. Will be first cruise for my kids, and first Disney cruise for me. Have not cruised in 20 years, and then always 7 nights. I don't want to give up any of the other things we are doing so can't cut costs there, but this trip is getting way too expensive. Opinions, please.

Sounds like you have a fantastic trip planned @Wahoohokie! If it were me and I was trying to save $1100 (which I would be!) I think changing to a 3 night cruise would be the best way to do it. You have such a variety planned and if you want to keep everything else intact, I think that is a great idea! smile

We are doing our first Disney cruise and picked a 3night for this very reason! smile

And for the kids' first time, 3 nights will already be so exciting. smile