3 hours in HS?

We have a partial day planned for HS, arrive 4ish after mid-day nap, 5 pm FPP for Beauty and the Beast, 5:30 FPP SDD, 6:30 FPP TSM, and FPP F! at 8 pm (arrive 7:30). Park closes at 8. Would like suggestions on what if anything else I could fit in between those FPP times before F!? Was thinking could do standby for AS2 or Voyage of Little Mermaid…anything else? Star Wars is not do or die for us, may not have time for any of it.

I have the option of moving around my SDD and TSM times if necessary as well.

I would observe that SDD and TSM are in the same tier for FastPasses - you won’t be able to book both ahead.

That was my first thought as well. “How did she get two tier 1 FPP?!?!” Great minds think alike. :slightly_smiling_face:


She’s also showing 4 preplanned FPs… which means either she’s optimistic beyond all reality, or she’s getting the extra CL FPs.

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I didn’t even notice that. With CL FPP do you get an extra tier 1? Or as many as you like? I’ve never investigated those much…

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Yes, should have been clear -they are club level FastPasses! Already scheduled but can be moved. :slight_smile:

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There are no tier restrictions for CL FPP!


Ok, that makes more sense, then!

With that said, I have a feeling that AS2 may have too long a line to ride standby, but I would check the ground truth and consider it if the line is short enough.

I would also consider MuppetVision after TSM - partly because I really love the Muppets and I get a kick out of the corny jokes in the show. I realize that’s at the far end of the park, but it should hopefully be an easy stroll and an easy fit between TSM and F!.

Thanks! I’m not dying to do AS2 anyway. What about Frozen v star tours if time at 4 pm?

I think I would check the times and line for Frozen - it’s lots of fun, IMO, and be prepared to head for star tours instead if things don’t line up. Though Star Tours may also have a long line.

You might also check showtimes for Indiana Jones Stunt Show, if that is your cup of tea.

We actually thought AS2 was so much fun–did it 3 times on our last trip.

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You don’t mention the date or CL, but I think you can easily do both ST and Frozen. I’d head to ST first though, the Frozen theater is quite large and you can get a spot relatively easy. The same would apply to B&B… you can arrive pretty much at any time and get a seat. I’d invest my FPP in ST instead. Then again I’m a big ST fan so I am not impartial even though I love B&B. :wink:

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Thanks! Date is Sunday Oct. 21, CL 5 (I think). It is an a.m. EMH day but I’m hoping that later in the PM maybe some of the “additional” EMH crowd will have trickled out. Good to know on Frozen and ST!