3 families traveling together- Windsor hills

I might have lost my mind. I have talked two of our near and dear friends into joining us on a trip to see the mouse in May/ June of next year. We will likely be renting a 6 bedroom at Windsor Hills. We will have 6 adults, 3 two year olds, two five year olds and my big girl six year old-- 12 people total. Has anyone planned a multifamily trip for WDW? How did you handle ADRs? I am so excited, but freaking out at the same time. We are all Disney enthusiasts with a dumbo-or-die mentality.

We did exactly this last trip except it was extended family. I would strongly recommend not staying together all the time and only making some ADRs together. It just makes it easier with different taste buds and meal schedules.

We did a few ADRs together. Best in our case to not tour together: larger groups seem to be ungainly, indecisive, and easily distracted. Some prefer to hit attractions, others want to shop, night owls vs early risers, etc.

We used to have 3 families travel at once, mix of young (youngest 3), adults, and grandparents. We usually met up for ADRs or dinner in the room (we had a kitchen). But we would split into groups for most of the day - those of us who wanted to hit every ride and wouldn’t stop for anything, and those who wanted to stroll and take it easy. Then we always had a couple “pool days” where we would stay together.