3 days WDW with 8yo & 12yo, which parks? Full day each park?

Aussie family, 2 adults, 12yo & 8 yo. Have 3 days for WDW, should we try & do 4 parks in 3 days or better to stick to 1 park 1 day?
Initial thoughts are:
Day 1: AK to about 2pm, rest then Epcot from 5pm
Day 2: Hollywood
day 3: rest
Day 4: Kennedy space center & airboat tour
day 5: MK
Day 6: Universal
8yo boy has some challenging behaviours, waiting in line is not his forte! Unbearable when overtired so will need rest time during the day. Also I have foot problems, so walking is going to be a challenge.
Any opinions/suggestions gratefully received!
(Have been to Hong Kong Disney & Universal Singapore).
Prefer rides to shows. I hate 3d too but prepared to sit out on those!
And we all hate spiders :smile:
No water parks.

Go to guest services for a DAS card for your 8 year old. Let them know he has problems waiting in line Universal has something similar also. You do not need to tell them a diagnosis just what they can do to help. We find 1 day is not enough at Universal the Harry potter world takes a few hours alone. There are 2 parks at uni now. We are didn’t rate Kennedy space centre the last time I would add an extra universal day instead and move airboat to your rest day afternoon.

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I think you need to decide first if you want to go to every park. I just worked with a friend on his 3 day plan:

Day 1: Arrival, late start- EP, IlluliNations
Day 2: MK morning/ HS night- Fantasmic Dinner
Day 3 AK morning/ MK from 3:00 parade on ( MK open until 3:00)

They identified all 4 parks and all night time shows as priorities.


We found that HS didn’t take a full day, especially if you prefer rides to shows. But every family is different.

I suggest doing hypothetical personalized touring plans for each park to see how long the things you really want to do will take. Plug in (imaginary) FPP for 3 things in each as well, just to see how they can affect your times when/if you get them. That should give you a clear idea of where you want to spend the most time.

It is less hectic to do one park per day though, so you could probably save money by NOT doing Park Hopper and adding a 4th day to your tickets instead. If you do a park on your rest day, but keep your days short and reasonable, you might find it more relaxing. Sure, you can always spend long days at each park, but you don’t have to, especially if you prioritize and only do highlights. Just an idea!


A half day at EP is just not enough; it’s a massive park, and even without doing many attractions, it will take you almost that long just to walk it. Here is my recommendation for how to split the parks (order not specifically implied)

Day 1 - MK - RD to closing, with break in the middle.
Day 2 - EP - FW at RD, break, WS until closing
Day 3 - AK at RD, break, DHS until closing (FPPs at DHS)

It would also be helpful to know if your DSs are into the “thrill” rides; if not, then I would probably make DHS you lowest priority as it has thrill rides, shows, and not much inbetween…

You have 1 day listed for Universal - remember that it is really 2 parks, with quite a few rides between the two. It’s going to be a LONG day.

If you have foot problems, I strongly recommend considering a scooter - especially for EP; it’s very spread out with a LOT of walking between pavilions and countries.


In your situation, I’m not sure I’d try to see all four parks. If you want to, then @bswan26’s itinerary makes sense. I’d add, however, that you could switch the days around after looking at the Touring Plans crowd calendars to decide what days make the most sense to visit each park.

However, if you don’t have your heart set on all four parks, then I’d spent a whole day in Magic Kingdom, a whole day in Epcot. The third day would depend on whether or not you wanted to pay the extra money for park-hopper tickets. If not, then I’d spend a second full day in the Magic Kingdom. If you do “hop”, then start your day at either the Studios or Animal Kingdom (depending on which park sounds more appealing to your family), then the evening in the Magic Kingdom.

[quote=“Wendystewart, post:1, topic:10588”]
I hate 3d too … we all hate spiders[/quote]
One last piece of advice. I would strongly recommend NOT seeing It’s Tough to be a Bug at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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My 8 & 12 y/o 's favorite rides include EE & RNRC. I can’t imagine not visiting AK & HS for those rides. Rope drop AK, break, HS in Eve using fpp. Unless your kids don’t like thrill rides then skip HS. You’ve gotten lots of good advice on this thread I won’t repeat. :slight_smile:

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Thanks bswan26! Sorry to ask, but what is FW & WS?

Thank you for your advice. We’ve already paid for the Kennedy Space Center so will go ahead with it. :blush:

d’oh! Of course, Future World & World Showcase! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: