3 days in October... no more park hopper

We are going to WDW for the first time in October for three days with two teens.We planned to do one day in MK, one in HS and split one day between AK and EPCOT, but now we will have to choose three since park hopper is eliminated. Which park would you skip in the current situation?

I would skip Epcot because of all the construction. AK is thematically my favorite park. It’s so tranquil and lovely there.

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With teens, I’d skip either MK or EPCOT. HS has most thrilling rides (RnRC, ToT) and newest stuff (Star Wars and MMRR). AK has Everest and Flight of Passage, plus FotLK.

But If they’ve never done Disneyland or Magic Kingdom, there’s a lot of classics at MK that would be hard to skip.


This is very difficult for me to say since I couldn’t go to WDW and skip it, but I would say, skip EPCOT. Future World construction adds to trying to get around, the cultural representatives will probably not be back at that time which adds so much ti World Showcase.

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I’d skip Epcot. FOP and Everest are two of our favorite rides, and we enjoy the animal trails (which are all outdoors). What I like most about Epcot is World showcase, and it’s hard to know how that will work if foreign CMs are not back. Add to that all the construction, and I would rather save it for a future trip.

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Pains me to say it, but ultimately gotta agree. Epcot is in transition. If I had to skip one that would be it, despite Epcot being my second favorite park usually.

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Epcot. 100% would skip this right now with only 3 days.

Skip MK?? That’s blasphemy!

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Ugh. Yes. My family loves Epcot, especially all the food options, but that is probably the one to skip.

Unless they will be “too cool” for the Magic Kingdom. My teens love the connection back to their childhood, but I can see some teens doing the eye roll there.

It might be worth watching the WDW promo videos to gauge their reactions.

My real answer is see if you can eventually add on another day and then do them all! But if you have to skip one, then Epcot.

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I love Epcot, but in your situation that is the park I would skip. For my family currently, we would skip AK because my kids are not tall enough for FOP or EE and they love Frozen.

If you have been to Disneyland, skip MK. (Unless you’d rather repeat the excellent attractions there rather than try something new.) Otherwise skip Epcot.

All these skip MK posts! Is it really Disney if you skip MK?? (Haha clearly my favorite!)

I’m not sure what I would skip. Love Epcot but it does look a mess right now. How old are your kids?

I also don’t think I could ever skip MK.

Same! I could live at MK. It makes me cry to think about being on Main Street again. I miss is soooooo much!

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I’d skip Epcot. There’s so little there IMO on a good day. With the walls up, even less.

I see what you were saying - if Epcot weren’t part of the equation.
If they’ve been to Disneyland they probably also been to California Adventure, so they don’t even have Soarin’ to look forward to.

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Hey now!

I think the fact that I have only had one fairly great day at Epcot and dozens of meh days contributes to my perspective.

Our “best“ Epcot day ever included multiple meet and greets (gone), and the private GM lounge over TT (not an average option).

Just so few rides and attractions and so much walking and shopping. A scale from 1-4 someone has to be 4…