3 days in Disney and a transportation question

Howdy everyone and happy Friday!
As said earlier, planning a trip with early fly in a late night departure April 7-11 with my LO and my DH. We are doing the 7th and 11th in MK, 10th in AK and 8th and 9th in Universal where we have never been. Staying in POR, no park hoppers.

Question: what is the easiest mode of transport from POR to Universal, and then from Universal back? And where is pick up and drop off done? We are planning on a shorter day in Universal on Tuesday and then a POR boat ride to a late dinner reservation in Disney Springs, which we didn’t get to visit last time.

I spoke to a not very knowledgable Disney Planner who is a friend of a friend (she wasn’t aware that some Springs restaurants have additional reservations available when called, for example) and she suggested Mears but I am fearful of her recommendations so I would love a tip. Uber? We have a 52" daughter who will be 7, so she doesn’t legally require a car seat in FL, if that makes it easier.

Thank you!

Mears would be fine but I would just Lyft. My family did that a couple of years back and it was affordable and convenient


Do you find that there are a lot of Lyft rides available, or are they difficult to get?

Easy peasy. To be clear I am meaning original/generic Lyft not Minnie Van Lyft


When I was looking into it Lyft was the recommendation I heard. I think maybe around $40-45 each way? If you are doing two days at UOR it would be a cost savings (maybe not huge though) to put UOR at beginning or end of your trip and stay one night there to get the express passes. They made our trip even though we were there on a moderate CL day.

I would be shocked if it was more than $25 each way? Lyft and Uber ride arrive in minutes in the DS area resorts. If you had a rental you would also pay for parking at POR and Universal so I would go with Lyft.


We used uber or lyft to go from the All Stars to Universal and I think it was closer to $20 each way (plus tip). We may have had some $5 off codes but it was not as expensive as I expected.


I think I was confusing it with cost to Lyft to airport. In that case cost would even out more if taking magical express.

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I agree. When I was pondering doing Lyft to Port Canaveral for my upcoming cruise, I’d look at the fare estimator and it was in the $40-60 range from WDW to Port Canaveral, so I would be shocked if one way to Universal was that. For both trips? Possibly, but I don’t know.

It does also depend on party size - if you need their larger vehicles, then those do cost more. But $40 one way even then seems excessive.

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We are just 2 adults and 1 child. Lyft sounds like a good option.

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Gee my family only paid about $40 ROUND TRIP

I know Uber does cost estimates on their website. Not sure if lyft does, but I am an Uber user and often use the estimator to budget for trips.

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