3 days at WDW. Which park should we miss?

Coming in Feb. 23 - 25 (Sun, Mon, Tues) with single park tickets for each day. Since there are 4 parks, which one would be the odd man out. Dad, Mom, 16yo son, 13yo daughter. We are Disneyland pros, but this is our very first visit to WDW. Would the construction that Epcot is undergoing really detract from its experience?

Welcome to the forum! Have you considered getting park hopper? We never do, but might consider it if only doing 3 days. You could split a day between Epcot and HS or maybe AK, depending on how much of the HS stuff is important to you.

If PH is out, then I think it really just depends on your family’s preferences and priorities. Personally I do enjoy Epcot, but just based on there not being a lot of rides there, and the ages of your kids, that might be the one I would skip.

If you’re used to Disneyland, I think I would skip MK.
Many rides are similar or just inferior versions of what you got (Space Mtn - PotC - Buzz etc.)
Apart from the Castle, I think DL is way superior than MK.
I was in DL last summer and I’m planning a spring trip in WDW, and MK will probably be the park we’ll spend the less time in.

If you still want to go to MK (still, it is the most visited park), than I would skip HS.
You have your version of SWGE, your version of ToT, Star Tours and your Fantasmic! version is so much better.

Pandora and the overall ambiance of AK is enough to justify a day there.
Even with the constructions, I think Epcot is worth a visit, just because it’s quite different than any other Disney Park.


Sunday is Marathon day so I would avoid going to Magic Kingdom that day.
I would do Epcot with Festival of Arts on Sunday, Animal Kingdom on Monday with Early Morning Hours, and then Magic Kingdom. Hollywood Studios you need to arrive super early to het a boarding group… I would personally skip.

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I agree with above - since you do DL, skip MK or DHS. AK and EP are totally unique to Orlando so I would be sure to do both of those.

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If you’re up for the crazy early morning thing for boarding groups, HS could be okay otherwise that would be my choice to skip

But I have been hearing that the construction is making it pretty icky over in future world, so that would be my second choice

I would say Epcot. With all the construction right now and Test Track closed for refurb, that would be the skippable one. DHS has stuff that DL doesn’t, so I wouldn’t skip that just because DL has GE. (i.e. I love Tower of Terror at DHS). (I have been to both WDW and DL many times)


I’d say skip MK but on the 24th there is a MK After Hours event, hard ticket for about $125 each :slight_smile:

Nice solution here!

I love Epcot but unless your focus will be World Showcase it should be considered to skip. You have Soarin’ at DLR, Test Track is closed, Future World is an ugly mess. I’m guessing teens are more about thrill rides (ok, I’m remembering teens are more about thrill rides) and you don’t have Toy Story Land,at DLR.

Until Epcot is made whole again, I would do MK, AK, and HS.


I agree with much of what’s said here. I found Epcot to be difficult when I went over Thanksgiving, even though we’d been twice before. But it was only in the part with the rides b/c the world showcase was untouched (at that time). Your kids are old enough to appreciate Epcot so I’m hesitant to say no to it completely—unless your #1 priority is to ride a lot of rides, in what case you might want to go to a different park. HS is difficult but still very rewarding with its various lands; our goal this visit was to see TSL and SWGE that were both new to us. Don’t miss AK, which is unique. I’ve been to many theme parks and never seen anything like it.


Epcot 100%
In its best form I still struggle with it, but it’s a chopped up mess now.


I would skip MK if my kids were that age

Yikes! Tough decision for sure. My kids (13, 10, 9) love Epcot and a trip to Disney wouldn’t be the same for us without visiting the Magic Kingdom. I would probably lean more towards skipping Hollywood Studios.

I’d skip HS.

I’d do MK for the different Pirates which will make you appreciate DL’s Pirates that much more. MK is bigger than DL which might make you appreciate DL even more. :roll_eyes:

Epcot might have construction but it’s still Epcot. Most of our favs in Future World are still there. Spending all afternoon and evening exploring World Showcase sounds great to us but then we’d get park hoppers to visit Epcot every evening.

AK has interesting attractions and counter service places.

Looks like these answers aren’t coming up with a consensus for you … I will keep up the trend of muddying the waters.

MK is a must-do. And since DL has nothing like AK, I would do that too. That leaves Epcot or DHS as the park to skip. If you think your kids would enjoy World Showcase, then I would go to Epcot and skip DHS. If you do not think your kids would enjoy World Showcase, then I would skip Epcot and go to DHS.


I think @davej’s advice is spot on. My kids (18, 15, 10, 10) fancy themselves as foodies so Epcot world showcase is a must do for us (we’ll be eating a meal there on 4 of our 7 days in January), plus we enjoy traveling to other countries and exploring cultures. If that’s your kids, do Epcot. If that’s not your kids, do HS. I’d only skip MK if your kids will be kind of “meh, we’ve seen it at DL”.


Skip AK. Avoiding HS just because you don’t get a BG means there isn’t anything else there worth doing…which isn’t the case. And crowd levels at HS are significantly lower overall now, which makes it a great time to go.

MK and Epcot are both faves for us, so I can’t recommend skipping them.

Good work!

AK is the best park. This is just bad advice. Why do you hate Joe Rohde so much??