3 Days at Magic Kingdom

I have 3 days at Magic Kingdom. First time to Disney and I have 2 young children. How do I go about making a touring plan? Thanks in advance.

I would start with one of the basic MK touring plans. Take out rides and things you dont want to do and then optimize or evaluate if you have it in the order you want.

We just did 3 days at Magic Kingdom this week with our 3 and 6 year old and we did:
Day 1 - Fantasyland
Day 2 - Frontierland and Adventureland
Day 3 - Tomorrowland and whatever we wanted to repeat or missed at the other lands. This day meant we did cross the park (to get to Splash for the 6 year old) but it wasn’t bad at all with a stroller.

This worked well for us!