3 days at Disney, who wants to give some suggestions here?

Travelling with my H, DD (4), and DD (6). Arrive 12/7 at 2:18. No plan for that day, but to enjoy our resort (A of A). We are only at Disney 12/7-12/11, we leave 12/11 for Disney cruise

12/8: Breakfast at Chef Mickey’s 7:15am, tickets to MVMCP, MK all day

12/9: Breakfast at 'Ohana at 7:30, AK all day, Dinner at Rainforest Cafe at DS 8:00pm

12/10: Lunch at BOG 12:25, MK from rope drop-7:00pm, back to resort to relax

That all sounds great to me. An all MK/AK trip is a cool idea.

I wonder on day one if you might start to get a bit stir crazy. We stayed at AoA (and I know others will feel differently) but I didn’t think there was all that much to do and the rooms do not have balconies or windows that open. That makes me a little nutty.

So, maybe go to Disney Springs on the first night. Great choices for dinner.

The night we do AK all day, we will wander around DS after dinner. We had thought about hopping over to Epcot the 2nd night of MK but we’ll decide that later. I don’t want to run the girls (and is!) to complete exhaustion.

Your AK day seems a bit long for littles with breakfast at Poly at 7:30, then dinner at DS at 8. Unless of course you’re planning on breaks. An earlier dinner that day, and DS on your arrival day could be nice.

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You’ve got a lot of early breakfasts combined with late nights. My DD5 would not be able to keep up with that. I’d drop one of those breakfasts, it’s a lot of early morning running around. Especially Ohana right after MVMCP that isn’t even close to the park you are going to or the resort you are staying at. Why not just try to do lunch at Rainforest Cafe at AK since you’ll already be there?