3 Days at Christmas need TP help

I am an expert at touring Disney (thanks to years of following the advice on Touring Plans). But we are spending 2 1/2 days at Universal over Christmas break, and I am LOST! We will have EE and Express Passes due to staying onsite. I’ve been trying to use the Two Day Touring Plans, but frankly, I’m struggling A LOT!

I see that I could choose to publish my touring plans. Fat chance. There’s no one I dislike that much. Can I find OTHER people’s plans that make a bit of sense?

I understand that we don’t have to be as rigid at Universal, but by this time, I have a reputation to uphold with my family! Busiest day of the year? No problem. I can get you on Mad Tea Cups with no wait and you can ride it a second time without getting off.

Feel free to boss me around. I need it!


Ok uni is pretty easy esp if onsite. First use EPA ( early park admittance) at xmas both parks will have it probably so do 1 morning at each park.Second you only need to work out when to do Gringotts Forbidden Journey( FJ) Hogwarts express and Dispicible Me ( DM). DM has express but it will be about 40 mins or a third of standby.
I suggest on IOA epa go straight to FJ then hit dragons with exp pass. ( bags need to go in lockers along with all loose items) then its up to you I would use hogs express to hop to Uni( before queue gets long(no exp pass) and explore DA but NOT do Gringotts Then do what you want. Gringotts is best done 90 mins before park close Hogs express is diff both ways so make sure you ride it going back to IOA and wander Hogsmead at your ease
USF epa hit DM first wander DA take train before queue builds.
Thats it.

Some of the wwohp plans are custom and go wonky if you optimise due to the hogs express. You need to evaluate instead
Hope this helps

That actually helps a lot. Thank you very much!