3 days, 2 nights at BCR

Thanks to @kerrilux posting about all the lovely hotel upgrades she has investigated, I started digging for our December trip (12/3-12/11) too. Nothing is available for our entire 9 night stay except a $1250/night hospitality suite at CR ha! But I started thinking about doing a split stay & played with dates.

For $500 we can do the last 3 days/2 nights (12/9-12/11) of our trip at Beach Club. I think this sounds like a nice way to wind down before heading home. Here is my thought.
12/9- AK: check out of Pop, RD to early afternoon, pool @ BC, dinner @ EP and watch Epcot Forever (walk back- no bus wait!)
12/10- MK: RD to lunch; afternoon rest, MVMCP
12/11: sleep in, late breakfast (for my kids this is 9am lol) at TaF or Cape May, Epcot until early afternoon, pool until DME pickup


I also considered moving MVMCP up earlier in the trip so that we could do fantasmic or JBJB our last night & be able to walk back as well. But lounging by the pool sounds like a great way to get the kids to chill that day before the Christmas party.


Happy to help you spend you more money! :rofl::joy::rofl::joy:

I, of course, think it sounds like a wonderful plan! I especially like the idea of doing the Bon Voyage breakfast on the day you’re leaving. Seems fitting!


Is that $500 per night, or $500 total ($250/night)? I’m guessing the former. If it’s the latter, then I may need to bump my trip even earlier!!

Yes sounds like a great end to your trip!

$500 total. With the passholder discount I booked a standard view for $385.50/night before taxes & fees. Pop is $159/night before taxes.

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I wish I could see what was available! If it would save us enough money I would totally get one!

What dates are you looking at? I can check for you. It changes constantly but it would give you an idea.

I’m confused! I was referring to the 2 night stay at BC here:

but is that actually 1 night BC, 1 night Pop? If it’s 2 nights BC @ $385/night, that’s $770? It’s entirely possible I’m not mathing correctly here because that happens a lot. LOL


11/27 - 12/1 Either Contemporary, Bay Lake, or Wilderness Lodge (prefer 2 4 person rooms here)
12/1 - 12/7 Boardwalk standard club level

It’s a $500 increase to upgrade to BC from Pop. ~$450 plus taxes & fees.

11/27-12/1: the only thing at Contemporary is the hospitality suite for $1600/night :slight_smile:

12/1-12/7: only all stars & a $1200 garden wing 1br suite at contemporary ($1200/night)

Good to know I can stop thinking about that option. Thanks!!

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Oh, okay!! Got it! Thanks for clearing it up! I was all excited thinking there was a $250/night rate available for BC!

I love a good resort hop and this one sounds great. Centering all your activities at EP and HS would be ideal. If you can’t switch your MVMCP, could you swap your MK RD with a HS or EP RD morning? It’d minimize the back and forth to MK.

That’s our last chance at MK on a party day, so I think we will probably still RD. But I like the idea of moving the Christmas party earlier in the week to allow more time at the resort!

Paging @kerrilux! I see a main tower theme park view @ Contemporary for $638.40/night with Passholder discount from 11/27-12/1 if you’re still interested.

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Annnnnd I added another night at BCR :grimacing:

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Thank you for looking out for this!! My mom has vetoed anything with one bathroom for those first few nights so we’re looking at either a 1-bedroom at Bay Lake (if I can find one discounted) or the 2 rooms at Wilderness. So if you’re looking around and happen to see those I’d love to hear about it! Thanks again!!!

Girl after my own heart! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

You’re welcome! I’ve been obsessively checking multiple times per day trying to add on to our BC stay!

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