3 day touring plan at MK

I'm planning a Disney trip I early December. We have two kids who will be 1 and almost 4. We were looking at spending 5 days in the world: 1 at Epcot, 1 at AK, and three at MK (HS doesn't really interest us). I was going to make a two-day plan, and then after the two days make the last plan based on what we wanted to do again or what we didn't do but saw and now want to do. Any thoughts on this?

We did something like that last year. I ended up making changes to our FP+ selections the evening before our last day. It worked out great! (Note that was before 7DMT and A&E were open)

Sounds awesome! Like leaving an MK day to redo favorites and see new things. I'd probably make a TP for day three and edit that later.