3 day Park to park vs 5 day 1 park per day

Hi. We are in LA and about to buy tickets. We are here for 11 days (from Australia) but also doing Universal and San Diego for 2 days. I was originally going to buy a 5 day 1 park per day ticket because it was cheaper than the 3 day p/p but now I’m worried we would be so tired and wanting days off that maybe the 3 day p/p would be better? Our kids are 16, 14, 14 and 10. Would park to park be ok? This is their first time here and I’m not sure which rides they will like the most and want to do again. Maybe park to park gives us best flexibility? Thanks

Unlike WDW, you can walk between each of the two DL resort parks easily. Park hoppers are a great way to switch parks if you find yourself getting burnt out in one or the other. You can also have a great time focusing on just one park per day. It’s entirely doable whichever way you choose. Keep in mind that if you park hop on a super crowded day that you run the risk of not getting back into the park you left. I’ve never had it happen, but I know it can.

I’m a San Diego native so if you need any recommendations while you are here, just let me know.


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I agree park hopping is the way to go. And you can always add a 4th or 5th day as long as you go to guest services or the ticket booth any time before the end of the third day of your original ticket. So if I were you I’d do the 3-day Park hoppers. (But be warned that you may want that 4th day!)


Thanks all. We got the 3 day p/p and are about to head out to DL! A bit anxious and feel like I’m not fully prepared but ready to let it all go and have fun!


Have an amazing time!