3 day cruise after WDW stay - yes or no

Just looking to finalise plans for next year (to take advantage of UK free dining offer). We normally do around -4 days at WDW. Thinking of doing 11 days this year, followed by 3 day cruise. Party is me, DW and DDs -16,13 and 13and we have not been cruising before. Do you think this is a food idea for a family like ours?

Normally 14 days - not 4 (too far from UK for 4 day trip)

Great idea. A relaxing cruise after a busy WDW land vacation… sign me up

Yes. It is best to do the cruise after WDW. We just did our 3 night cruise 2 weeks ago. Best cruise ever.

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If it is your first time cruising, I’d suggest a 4-night cruise instead of a 3-night cruise. The 3-night cruise is so short that you just start getting a feel for what the cruise is like and it is then time to get off the ship.

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We are doing the 4 night cruise in April- after 5 parks days at WDW/UNI/SW, then 2-3 park days after at WDW depending on return flight. Our trips are generally 12 nights in Orlando. I think you will love the cruise! But I would do the 4 night, I waffled between the 3 and 4 night and ultimately decided the extra day was worth it. My kids will be 11&13, and they are more excited for the cruise than any other part of the trip. They have never cruised before but have been to the parks a lot.

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