3 adults, 2 kids in royal pacific room?

We currently have reservations for royal pacific for my family (me and my husband, our two kids, 3 and 8) and my mom wanted to join us so I added her to our room. I was told that we could request a rollaway for about $25. Has anyone does this? Will it be way too crowded in that room with the rollaway? I just looked it up and the room is on the smaller side, 335 square feet. The pictures I’m seeing don’t even look like a rollaway would fit! Would appreciate anyone’s experience with a rollaway in one of these rooms. Thanks!!

We stayed there as a family of 5 (2 adults and 3 kids–2 were teenagers at the time). We had a rollaway and it was tight but doable.

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I was surprised by how small the rooms were. If it’s only one night it’s worth it because the rooms are so expensive but any more than that and it would feel cramped (in my opinion)

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When is your trip scheduled for?

On my first family trip, we stayed at RPR and had two adults, and three kids. The room was small, and with the rollaway in it, there was really no place to move, but we really only slept in it so it wasn’t much of an issue. Our biggest issue, and I don’t know if this is still the case, is that the toilet and the shower are in the same room, and the shower had a glass door, so no one was going to be able to use the toilet while someone else was showering. With five people and one bathroom, that can be problematic.

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It’s doable, but you’ll want to manage luggage space carefully, especially if you’re going to have full-size suitcases. We had 4 adults and 1 11 year old last year. They plop the rollaway between the two beds and it takes up all the space… it’s about 12" below the beds, if I recall correctly. We only had 2 carry-on size suitcases, 2 that were under-the-seat bags, and a couple of backpacks. With that much we still had some room to move, but not a ton.


Thanks, all! This is very helpful.