3.5 days

Hello! We are planning on doing 3.5 days at Disney. Our first day being Monday (memorial day). This is our first trip with our kids (7 and 8 years old) I have been stressing over planning everything to make sure we get everything in. Is 3.5 days enough that I shouldn’t be so worried about planning?? Or is it still hard to fit everything in in that amount of time?? Thanks.

Three and half days is enough to get everything in, but I would do a little planning. You don’t need much. Think about what rides they want to do, which ones require fast passes and which ones are important that don’t have passes.

You might want to think about which one offers early morning. If you are staying at the park, you can take advantage of it every day, if not, your pass will give you one early morning at DL. We have passes, we we always go the park that does not have early morning, so we can be there at rope drop.

You could do a park a day and have time left over. What are you hoping to do?

My “typical” for 3 days is to spend 1 day in each park, and use the 3rd to hop between the two to catch things I missed or want to do again. With 3.5 days, you should be able to see it all. If you have EE access, USE IT! If not, plan RD for the park that DOESN’T have it. I would definitely have a plan for the mornings of each day, but I usually play the afternoons/evenings by ear.

I completely agree with the comments above. 3.5 days is plenty for Disneyland and DCA.

I think because Disney trips are so expensive, we can all get wrapped up in the stress of seeing “everything”. You will have enough time to do all the things you want to do and some of them a few times, but as each Disney Park is unique in its own right, your vacation will be different than mine. There will always be a show for next time or a treat you just didn’t get to. You have done your prep, remember your must dos and research and then let the Disney winds take you where they will. Enjoy!!

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3-4 days is what I always recommend as a minimum for first time trips! So yes, you got it right! Of course, I could spend 30 days at DLR and still not be sick of the place so when asked for advice I will always say “stay longer”.

Rather than try to “do absolutely everything” I would focus on doing lots that you love. I have yet to have a trip where I felt like I accomplished everything that DLR has to offer, but never left feeling like I missed out on magic or didn’t get the value of my park ticket/AP back. There’s so much to do & enjoy so definitely focus on enjoying what you do see in the 3.5 days & definitely definitely plan to maximize your time there!