3, 2, 1, Launch: Heads up! (up to date Launch times to help you look up to the skies while you're in the parks)

I appreciate you keeping this thread updated and I am happy there will be one launch during our stay in Orlando. Will keep an eye on it:


Thank you for letting me know. :blush: I didn’t know if anyone was even looking.


I’ll definitely be looking if there’s one during the Liner meet in July!



Here’s everything currently posted on the schedule, one for today :wink: And sometimes I miss posting a launch so for those interested here’s the link w/ the schedule: Launch List - Space Coast Launches. I will try to keep up but I do miss some from time to time.

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Launch List - Space Coast Launches

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I’m bummed the one that was supposed to be Saturday got bumped to Tuesday. DH and I were thinking of driving over to see it closer. We can see them from our house but need binoculars. Night launches are better at home.


oh, that make sense from your vantage point

although the skies are pretty dark and rumbly over here

Yesterday’s launch was scrubbed but they are having another go today