3:00 Parade MK

We arrive at MCO at 1pm. We are taking the magical express to Polynesian. Any way possible to see the 3:00pm parade at MK on the day we arrive? Guessing no but thought maybe it was possible?

doubtful, but you never know. Disney is a magical place

I doubt you’ll make it. Don’t go crazy trying to get there. But hope for the best

We wouldn’t go crazy trying to get there. We are there for the week so we will have other opportunities. Just thought it would be a nice bonus if we could make it there to see the parade the first day. Also, we usually spend our mid-day away from the parks at our resort and pool. Thought this might be the way to catch the parade without giving up our mid-day break. It isn’t a must do on our trip, just a nice bonus if we get to see it.

It’s not an impossibility by any means.

If you get lucky with DME and the bus leaves pretty much straight away, no delays. Then simply leave bags with Bell Services and go.

The choice will be monorail or boat, that could be the 64 million dollar question. I’d probably say monorail, unless there’s a way to see the boat arriving from the lobby - over by the Ohana wait area? If so you could sprint down maybe?

Thanks everyone. I figured we would be cutting it close. Does the parade start or end by the main entrance to the MK? I think that would be where our chance to see it comes in…if it ends by the main entrance as opposed to starting there.

It starts in Frontierland and ends in Town Square. So that gives you an extra 25 minutes, maybe more.

Which is why I think it’s possible. Definitely worth a shot if you’re at the Poly by 2:30pm, even 2:45pm.


Thank you! We will see what happens, but that is helpful to know it ends at Town Square.

Really really unlikely.

This is a good point and an important consideration, actually.

I change my response to: slightly possible


If you skipped park bags to be able to bypass bag check it would also increase chances by a little bit.

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… and shout ‘liners coming through’ as you skip with purpose :wink:.