2nd ROL show--good choice?

AK hours were extended until 10 and now second ROL show is scheduled for 1030. I’ve never been in AK after dinner. We’ve always RD and then left late afternoon. Will it be super crowded b/c the rest of the park is closed. I haven’t seen it yet and want to make sure we get to. Thinking of hitting attractions during early show. Do I need to FPP it? Currently have a 7 pm safari FPP so no chance of getting a 4th FPP for ROL. I’d have to change my earlier EE for it.

AK at night is amazing. The crowds tend to thin out with most people still meandering in Pandora.

ROL is a beautiful show and not too long. Most folks will still go to the early show. I think you’ll be fine as stand by.

We did ROL for the second show last summer and it was so empty. No need for a FPP or dining reservation the day we went. Not sure that is always true. It was crazy because we have found the first show to be packed.