2nd Fantasmic show (Oct 25)?

I am trying to figure out how early I will have to line up for the Fantasmic 9pm show on October 25? There are only 2 late shows that week so will it be even more crowded than usual? Should I stick with H & V Fantasmic package for a different night?

We did Fantasmic on an EMH evening in February - crowd level 5. Fantasmic was at 7 and 8:30 that night. I’m pretty sure we walked into Fantasmic at around 6:15. It was busy, but we didn’t have any trouble finding seats. You really can see from every seat. We chose to sit on the far right (when facing the show) about 2/3 of the way back because I wanted to be able to leave at the end without getting too overwhelmed by the crowd. It worked perfectly. Everything I’ve read says that the 2nd show is much less crowded. If you KNOW you want to do the first show, then the dining package would give you peace of mind and excellent seats. We wanted to eat lunch at Sci Fi, so I risked not doing the dining package. It worked out well for us.