2D versus 3D

I was reading about how the Disney Paris Ratatouille ride has dropped the 3D in favor of 2D projection (at least for now). The rumor, I guess, is that they are considering dropping 3D for the Epcot version, and this is a test.

I will say, I’ll be glad if they do. 3D projections don’t work so great for me. I’m always seeing double and end up with a headache. Newer technology 3D projections are improvements over, for example, what you see in Mickey’s Philharmagic and Muppet Vision 3D, but I still have issues.

The problem with 3D projections is that it is “forced” upon your eyes. That is, while each eye is being show a slightly different viewpoint that your brain interprets as 3D, unlike true vision, you must be focused EXACTLY as the creators of the 3D projection intended. So, you can avoid seeing double as long as you are looking DIRECTLY at the point they intended you to. But if your eyes attempt to focus anywhere else, now you have your eyes seeing double.

The only way to TRULY create a realistic 3D projection without this problem would be to have glasses that literally track your eyeballs and, in real-time, render the scene accordingly. This can’t be done for multiple viewers at the same time, however, so you’ll always have SOMEONE (if not, most everyone) not quite seeing things correctly.

With 2D projection, this is no longer issue. Of course, you lose the cool 3D effects…but I just find those 3D effects annoying, not cool. (This is also why some people experience nausea from 3D projections.)

So, what do you all think? Are you okay with the elimination of 3D for 2D? Or would you miss it? Admittedly, I think on TSMM, doing it without 3D might diminish the experience. I can tolerate it there because it is a short ride experience overall.


Yes, I prefer it. DH doesn’t do well at all and I get tired of it after a few minutes.

I have zero issues with seeing 3-D and even I’d be happier with a 2-D experience. Give me practical effects & robots anytime / every time! But hey…I prefer MIB at Universal to TSMM .

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3D gives me a headache - less now than it used to as technology has improved, but I’d still rather have 2D.

I much prefer 2D.

MIB is a blast!


I will always prefer set pieces and AAs to screens, but if it’s going to be a screen, I typically prefer 3D. I don’t have problems vision issues with 3D films other than fatigue if it’s a long movie (Avatar kind of pushed my limit, but I a so glad I got to see it on a huge screen in 3D.

I don’t generally have a problem with 3D, but I know people who wear glasses that do. I don’t think the old style “cool” effects are worth it for the most part.

I just don’t like needing to wear the glasses.

I have problems with 3D because I am left-eye dominant and my right eye has issues where I can actually end up not perceiving through my right eye and have to force myself to use it. 3D really ups the game here and it can be a chore to keep focusing during a ride or show.

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I prefer 2D. I am happy about this and it will make the ride more enjoyable for me. I get nausea from watching other people play video games sometimes.