26 days away...should I have magicbands yet?

I know I keep asking this, but I am getting worried. I haven’t seen any movement from the “we are personalizing your magicbands” phase. Been there for four days now. TIA.

They usually ship them on day 29. I know I’ve seen reports in the past where someone finally got the update/email that they shipped & then they arrived that day. I wouldn’t worry yet. Give it a few more days. =)

I’m at 24 days out and still haven’t received mine yet. Was trying to wait until they came in before I told the kids we were going. Hopefully they will arrive soon!

We will be leaving in 21 days. I just called to check on ours and she said that at 2 weeks out we should get a shipment notification. Don’t know if anyone else has had the same experience but I think we got them earlier than that in February.

Got my email today saying they were shipped. 20 days out.

That is so great! My bands started shipping on Sat. Now I’m tracking the USPS! I am nuts.