25 Nov-1 Dec Trip Questions

I’m new to the forum and have a few questions about our upcoming trip. We are staying at Animal Kingdom Lodge 25 Nov to 1 Dec.

Any advice on how to add an additional night at Disney most cost effectively? I keep seeing references to a Spreadsheet that is supposedly helpful but can’t seem to find the full details.

I also keep seeing references to Fast Pass Drops but again don’t see anything with full details. Could someone help me out here?


Here is the thread about Priceline :slight_smile:


Here is a thread that has the current same day FPs listed.

FOP drop time has recently changed, I heard about it on a Backside of magic podcast, can’t remember exactly when it is now, 1:03 comes to mind.

There were reports of 11:01 I think but I believe ToddlerofTerror confirmed the 3:01 has continued on most days.

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Here is @JJT’s amazing blog post:


Omg @JJT your post has me laughing to myself while the cat looks at me like I’m insane.

Thank you for your research!!! :heart_eyes: