$25 gift card for DVC online phone tour

Has anyone else taken the online guided phone tour of DVC? I got a code in the mail, so I went ahead and took the tour. Took about 20 minutes. Now I’m just waiting for the gift card, and keeping my fingers crossed that they won’t contact me too often about buying DVC. I would love it, but I don’t think it’s in the cards for us right now.

Interested in hearing more…

I did it last time. Got a $40 card. It came pretty promptly. They left messages a couple of times and send mailings once in awhile. No hassles,

I too did the online tour for $40. I used the card to help pay for my TiW card! I called right before they closed for the day so they just emailed me everything. I think I have received one or two things in the last 8 months.

Is there a phone number or website for this?

They sent me a card in the mail for it with a number and code.

Same. Code needed to call.