24 Hour Day Liner Meet

Well, it’s time to start planning a little get together for MK24! I’ve got some “entertainment” in the works and need to get an idea who’s in. I’m thinking either a mid-morning or early afternoon meet at the Sunshine Tree Terrace, for snacks, singing, and a Liner Jungle Cruise. Sounds fun right?

Nothing is set in stone yet (not even my lyrics). But i want to do something during the daytime hours. And if someone has a better idea as to a location, i’m fine with that. So let me know what you think.

Citrus Swirls, laughing and singing, then corny Jungle Cruise Jokes! What’s the best time for everyone? 10 to 11 in the morning, or 1 to 3 in the afternoon?


Tagging @sceruolo because she was also planning some stuff.

Also, check out the forum fantasy game @MOJoe !!! Be on a team!!

ETA: count me in!!!

Just tell me when to show up and collect my swag, @MOJoe


I am voting afternoon. Me and MiniMagic (DS10) will be there ready to sing.


I’m planning to join in the fun late on Friday night, so I’ll stay tuned for any evening activities.


I’m in for any and all Liner meets, greets, and shenanigans for MK24!


I vote for afternoon because that’s when I get in and I would be heart-broken to miss it!

This is perfect, @MOJoe, because I assigned myself planning a midnight Liner meet during 24-hour Day – and a few more that weekend, so maybe we can join forces.

Thanks for the tag @DarthDopey.


So far a mid-afternoon looks best for everyone. Maybe around 2 or 3. I’ll check back here Monday!

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Sign up for a shenanigans team!

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Dd11 & I will be there!



Count me in :smile:

Yes! I’m in for a meetup too. Somehow I already assumed a midnight flagpole conga line was in the plans??

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Count us in for all the mayhem!

Are you going to be on an in park team?

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like to be…theres 3 of us

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1-3 works best for us…since we land at 10am and wont be in mk til noon.

@karlan - I sent you a PM and posted a follow-up in the 24-hour day thread, but thought I should say something here too. The in-park game teams are closed. Sorry.

However! Anyone can plan a liner meet or activity for the 24-hour day! Hopefully people will keep planning their own things among Liner friends either in Forum threads or on Chat.

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@MOJoe- count me in!