24 hour day coming in May?

I have a trip planned for Memorial Day weekend to Walt Disney World specifically for the 24 hour event that usually happens on the Friday before Memorial Day. I’m anxious now that we haven’t had any announcements about it. Does anyone know WHEN Disney released the info for previous years’ events? I plan to go on the trip either way, but I’m really hoping they are doing the event!

Rumor is no 24 hour day this year on either coast. Cutbacks and all. I will be there either way.


That is incredibly disappointing :frowning:

I agree. I watched from the sidelines for 3 years, and finally get the chance to go. And now it won’t happen it looks like. It’s fine, I have tons of great plans for my trip with my friends, but disappointed nonetheless.

I read an article that indicated attendance problems were the primary reason to not have them. At DL, the crowds were so huge that they spilled out of the entry plaza and onto the street causing safety/traffic issues. DL was closed by 10:00 AM due to capacity issues, and the crowd became “restless”. MK “supposedly” was the opposite; the attendance between 2:00 and 6:00 AM was so low that it wasn’t “worth” keeping the park open (with the ensuing logistics of having it ready for guests to enter by 9:00 AM for the next day).

The way Disney has been going lately, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a ticketed 24 hour event for $200 or so…